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Divorcing CoupleGoing through a divorce can be one of the most devastating experiences of a person’s life. When you got married, you expected to be with your partner forever. Disagreeing with your former partner over child custody, money, and the division of property can be stressful and emotionally draining. Our attorneys at Garrett Law Group, PLC will help you get through this experience as quickly as possible, while protecting your rights. Contact our office today at (757) 422-4646.

Divorce Representation for Norfolk & Virginia Beach Residents

When you are married, you share ownership of your property, as well as custody of your children. In the eyes of the law, you and your spouse are a team, and your possessions belong to both of you. When you seek a divorce, dividing up everything that has been acquired during a marriage can be complicated. Divorces may be further complicated by prenuptial agreements, child custody disagreements, or special military divorce issues, and sometimes extreme circumstances such as the need for a temporary restraining order. The attorneys at Garrett Law Group, PLC are experienced in all of these areas, and will ensure that you case is handled correctly, so you can get the closure you need from your divorce as soon as possible.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, to get a divorce one of the parties must be a legal resident of the state for at least six months. As a fault based state, it is important to allege that someone is “at fault” for the divorce. Reasons to find fault may include adultery, abandonment, incarceration, insanity, impotence, substance abuse, one’s spouse having or contracting a sexually transmitted disease, or if the parties have lived separately for at least twelve months. With the exception of divorce cases where the “fault” is based on adultery, the parties must be separated for at least twelve months before the Court can grant the divorce.

Once you file for divorce, we will request a Pendete Lite hearing, where temporary orders for child custody, child support, and the payment of attorney’s fees can potentially be addressed. At this time the court will issue temporary solutions for you to live by until your divorce proceedings are finalized. This is the first step in establishing normalcy for both you and your children. From there, we will begin to examine the evidence, gather information, and build the best case possible for you.

Twenty-four hour attorney communication during your divorce case

Divorce proceedings can be confusing, and this only adds stress to an already emotional situation. Garrett Law Group, PLC knows that sometimes you need to be reassured by your lawyer that your divorce case is being handled properly. We provide 24 hour access to an attorney who can answer your questions, and who is available for any family law emergency that may come up during your case. Contact us online or call (757) 422-4646. We service Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, as well as the surrounding counties of Northampton, Isle of Wight, York, and James City.