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Father and sonIf you are a father involved in a family law matter, you may automatically assume that the law will favor the mother of your child. This belief is not true; the Commonwealth of Virginia considers the well-being of the child or children the most important factor when determining child custody and visitation. The state also believes that whenever possible, it is best for children to have two active and involved parents in their lives instead of just one. Garrett Law Group, PLC provides you with an experienced family law attorney who is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of fathers. Call our office today.

Protecting the rights of fathers in Virginia child custody and visitation cases

In Virginia, child custody is presumed to be shared between a father and a mother. Generally, one parent is assumed to be the custodial parent, while the non-custodial parent is awarded visitation rights. The decision on whether to award primary physical custody to the mother or the father is not based on gender. Custody decisions are based on factors such as:

  • The wishes of the child
  • The ability of each parent to provide for the physical, emotional, and practical needs of the child on a day to day basis
  • The ability of each parent to cooperate and co-parent with the other
  • The level of conflict between the parents
  • Any history of domestic violence between the parents or against the child

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A Norfolk & Virginia Beach father’s rights are equal to the mother’s

During a divorce proceeding or a family court matter, it is not uncommon for many men to feel like they are made out to be the “bad guys.” Our family law firm understands that there are two sides to every dispute, and ultimately, your children deserve to have you in their lives. We help men in Norfolk & Virginia Beach with a number of family law issues including:

Do not feel like you can be kept from having access to your child because of your gender. Our office has a successful track record of defending the rights of father’s. Contact us by email or contact us by phone anytime at (757) 422-4646. We also service Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, as well as the surrounding counties of Northampton, Isle of Wight, York, and James City.