Girl Ignores MomSummer is a common time for noncustodial parents to exercise long periods of visitation with their children. Your child may be looking forward to enjoying everything a seaside town has to offer if they are visiting Norfolk this summer as part of a custody agreement. However, noncustodial parents need to be aware that they are responsible for their child’s actions while they are in their custody. For a variety of reasons, children often feel that they can act out or test their limits with whom they do not primarily reside. In this series, we will specifically be discussing what effect a child’s marijuana use can have on custody.

Youth oriented nightlife may require extra supervision measures by parents exercising child visitation

Norfolk enjoys a reputation of being a clean and safe family oriented city. For many parents, our town is an idyllic place to enjoy quality time with children. However, noncustodial parents who plan to spend the summer with their children should also be appropriately aware of any potential issues. With three military bases, and several local colleges, older children can easily find trouble if they are not properly supervised.

When a child is using drugs, parents who have a rocky history together will often default to blaming the other parent who is currently in charge. For the next few posts, we will be discussing what parents need to know about how a child’s marijuana use can effect custody. We will cover what action the primary custodial parent can take if they suspect that their child is using marijuana while visiting their other parent for the summer. We will also discuss when it is appropriate to contact an attorney, and when it is better for parents to work together to solve the problem. We will then discuss what action noncustodial parents should take if their child is using marijuana while visiting them for the summer time. For noncustodial parents, our focus will be on how to protect your custody rights and keep your child safe. For parents who are afraid that their children are not being property supervised, we will outline what the process of going back to court will look like.

Parents should be aware of the criminal and family implications a child’s drug use can have

Marijuana use is illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This means that if a child is caught with marijuana, the child could face juvenile charges. If the parent is found to be neglectful, or at fault, then the parent may also face charges of neglect, as well as lose their custody rights in family court. If your child has a history of marijuana use, or you have reason to suspect they may attempt to use during their visitation, it is important to be prepared. If you have questions about your child custody rights, contact our office today.