Virginia Name Change Lawyer

People wish to change their name for a variety of reasons. Following a marriage, you may want to take your husband’s last name, or following a divorce, you may want to regain your maiden name. In other instances, you may wish to change a child’s last name to match the last name of the guardian’s, or an adult may want to change their first or last name for personal or professional reasons. Regardless of the reason, the name change process in Virginia is fairly straight forward. However, it is important that the documents are filed correctly, or your legal name change may be delayed. Our family law attorneys can ensure that the name change process proceeds smoothly for you, so that you may begin legally using your new name as soon as possible.

Your attorney will file your completed application for a name change with the circuit court. With the application, your attorney will also submit an Order for Change of Name of an Adult. While the process is relatively simple, if the application and order do not comply with code requirements, your request will be rejected. Our experienced attorneys will ensure that your documents are filed correctly, so that your life is not held up by unnecessary paperwork errors.

Legal name change of a Virginia minor

In some instances, a parent may wish to change the name of a minor child. In this instance, both legal parents must agree to the proposed name change. At least one legal parent must make the petition under oath and affirm both that the name change is not sought with fraudulent intention, and that the name change is in the best interest of the minor child. While most name changes are granted without a hearing, one may be required in the case of a minor child if both parents do not file the petition jointly. In this case, the non-petitioning parent will be served with notice and be given the opportunity to object to the petition. Should this occur, the Court will set a hearing to determine if the name change is in the best interest of the child.

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