Norfolk & Virginia Beach Lawyer Handling Post Divorce Issues

Decree of DivorceOnce your divorce is finalized, you hope that you will be able to put the experience behind you and move on with your life. Going to Court is time consuming, costly, and stressful. You likely do not plan to return to Family Court once your divorce issue is resolved. Unfortunately, if you receive or pay spousal support, pay or receive child support, or share child custody, there is a chance future circumstances will change and you or another party may wish to have the original order changed. Our Virginia family law attorneys can handle your post decree modification needs, whether we handled your original divorce or if you are seeking new representation. Contact our office today to find out what your options are post-divorce.

Child and Spousal Support Modifications for Norfolk & Virginia Beach Residents

Post Decree modifications may be issued when a significant change has occurred with regards to the monetary circumstances of the paying party, or if the health and educational needs of the child has changed. If you have been ordered to pay spousal or child support, and experience a layoff or a disability that affects your earning ability, you may be eligible to have your original order modified. Likewise, if the payee is the recipient of a significant raise in salary, the other party may be able to ask for a post decree modification in certain circumstances. Other times the needs of a child change over time as the child ages. Should your child require significant medical expenses that were not required during the original child support proceedings, or necessary educational expenses, than either party may request a modification to child support. Our attorneys will help you prove to the Court how your circumstances have changed or stayed the same, and will work vigorously to help gain a fair outcome for Virginia residents.

Norfolk & Virginia Beach Child Custody and Visitation Modification Attorneys

Modifications to child custody arrangements are the other reason why a person might wish to return to Court and ask for a post decree modification. In order to receive a modification to your child custody order you must prove that circumstances have changed significantly and that a change to the custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Changes to the Court’s Order may be simple, such as if one parent’s work schedule has changed and both parents are in agreement for a new visitation schedule. Or changes may be contentious, for example if one parent believes the other parent is negligent or harmful to the child in some way and wishes to restrict the other parent’s access to the child. Our Virginia Beach child custody attorney’s always are concerned with protecting what is best for your child. We will show the Court evidence that supports why your child would benefit from a change to the original Order and will work quickly to protect your rights.

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