I had found Garrett law group while I was at court with a friend for a ticket she received during an accident. One of the attorneys in the courtroom was very impressive. My 3rd attorney in my divorce case was retiring (first one I wasn’t pleased with, second one was hired on by the Chesapeake commonwealth and couldnt continue with my case and 3rd retired). I approached this attorney asking if he did custody cases. He did not but recommended me to their family attorney. I was also very pleased with her however, she moved to Northern VA. Just my luck!! so James took on my case. He was great throughout the rest of my case. He also went to court with me for a traffic violation. He really understood in both cases the law and was very thorough and easy to work with. In both cases he gave me both options and recommendations. I referred numerous people to him and any who used his services all were very pleased. It was one of the attorneys (whose name I do not know) who brought me to that firm and any attorney I dealt with I would all give 5 stars and recommend anyone to their firm.

Misty Dahlheimer