Young happy family in shopping mallThis is the final post in our series explaining how a parent may modify an existing child custody order in Virginia. Throughout this series we have attempted to explain all parts of the process, from when modifying an order is appropriate to what to expect from the trial. Over the last several posts we have explained in detail how a parent can prepare themselves for a potentially contentious legal battle. Topics that were included in this series are:

There are a number of reasons why one’s original custody agreement may no longer work as families grow and change. Many times these are organic changes such as the child wishing to go to school in the other parent’s school district, or one parent’s work schedule changing in a way which requires new child care arrangements. Sometimes one parent is moving out of the state. This creates a situation in which two qualified parents will not realistically be able to share equal custody of a child.  But in other cases the parents do not agree that a change in the custody order is necessary. Child custody cases can get downright ugly in instances where one parent feels the other is critiquing their parenting ability. When accusations of drug abuse, neglect, or irresponsible parenting are involved then it can become extremely important to hire an attorney who is experienced in the discovery process and who can prove your case to a judge.

If you are involved in a child custody case that cannot be resolved amicably amongst the parents then it is important to contact an attorney right away. Our family law attorney is available to a consultation; call or email now.