Father holding daughterThis is the final post in our series explaining the why it is important for unmarried parents to establish a custody plan and know their rights. We began this series because, unlike a couple who is divorcing, parents who were never married are not required to establish a custodial plan when they break up. While this may initially save time, money, and the aggravation of going to Court, even couples with the best of intentions often find themselves at odds when it comes to co-parenting. We urge couples to get a custodial plan on the books before an issue arises that could lead to a nasty legal battle.

Throughout this series we have discussed topics including:

It is not our intention with this series to attempt to dissuade couples from working out their issues amongst themselves and establishing their own routine. To the contrary, it is admirable when a couple parts ways, but can come together and make decisions that are best for their child. However, it is naive to believe that disagreements will not arise over the course of a child’s lifetime. Establishing the basics such as child support, paternity, and a custody order protect both the mother and the father from unforeseen issues that could arise. It is impossible to predict how a parent may act should one person wish to remarry, relocate, or have an issue with the other parent’s parenting. By making a family’s parenting plan official it saves a legal headache further down the road, should an issue come up.

If you have a child with an ex, and are not sure whether or not you need to file anything with the court, we urge you to contact an attorney today for a consultation. Amicable agreements can be filed very affordably, and can provide parents with a peace of mind. Contact our office today to speak with a child custody attorney.