father and child holding handsThis post concludes and recaps the series on the handling of child custody cases which involve supervised child visits. Many parents are unclear about when the courts will and will not order supervised visits. Many parents are also unsure of how to proceed when they believe their child is in danger. The goal of the last several articles has been to provide information which will help people to better understand what they should expect from the process, what their options are, and what questions they should be asking a potential child custody attorney. If you require assistance in such a situation then contact our office today to speak with a lawyer.

We have addressed several topics over my recent articles. Issues which were analyzed include:

There are several reasons why parents should understand these topics. First, the court will not impose supervised visitation simply because the parents are having a disagreement or because one parent cannot stand the other. A court will only impose supervision if it is believed that the child is in danger or facing potential trauma. Second, supervised visits are typically held at a “neutral” location and are not supervised by the other parent. Third, taking matters into your own hands, when you believe that your child is at risk, can possibly worsen your legal situation. Finally, by showing correction of the issues which caused concern a parent may win back unsupervised visits.

One point we have stressed through each of these articles is that one should contact an attorney immediately if they feel their child is in some form of danger. Counsel can assist a parent with understanding whether they have a basis to change child custody and what the next steps should be. Counsel can also assist you in understanding whether the court may order supervised visits. As a child custody law firm we have handled many such matters. If you have questions about your situation, contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.