Child with money in jarThis is the final post in my series explaining how child support laws apply to child support cases. I began this series because child support is often an ongoing issue for couples long after a divorce or child custody order is finalized. It is also an area that causes a great deal of bitterness and resentment and many times both paying and receiving parents do not fully understand the law. It is my hope that this series both clarified questions that parents may have and offered solutions to problems that might be occurring.

Throughout the course of this series I have discussed:

Whether you are a parent who is owed money or who is ordered to pay it is important to remember that it is always in everyone’s best interest to adhere to the court order. Use the court system if a modification is needed. Many child support disputes occur because the parents have come to a mutual agreement amongst themselves and then one parent decides they are not happy with that agreement later down the line. If two parents have a contentious relationship then it cannot be stressed enough that handling financial matters through the court will avoid a great deal of future headaches. This means processing payments through the court as well as asking the court for a modification to the payment amount if one has lost a job. If one has missed a payment then it is important to contact both the parent who is owed money and the court as soon as possible to make arrangements and avoid future fines and consequences.

Whether you are a parent who wishes to file for child support, or a parent who can no longer afford their payment, you should speak with a lawyer immediately if you have a child support issue.

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